Waynehead Winnin'


It's time for a closer look at Big Weezy, also known as Waynehead Winnin', an Atlanta-based artist with a distinctive style, flow, and presence on the music scene. Originally hailing from the United States Virgin Islands, Wayne's cultural roots infuse his work with an authentic sense of his origins. His debut track, 'Play This,' showcases the breadth of his talent. This non-explicit song demonstrates his ability to ride a beat, maintain relevance, and captivate audiences without resorting to profanity. Waynehead Winnin' later collaborated with his close friend 'Rassclaat Root' on a project titled 'The Bluez Brotherz.' This collaboration is particularly noteworthy as it delves into real-life issues while paying homage to the famous movie 'The Blues Brothers,' featuring clips from the film. Critics have described it as 'wonderful and well put-together.' Waynehead Winnin' is open to featuring with other artists, bringing his unique style to complement any song he joins. Exploring his catalog will reveal the depth and diversity of his musical prowess. Enjoy discovering his music!

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