Its time Big Weezy!, better known as Waynehead Winnin is an Atlanta based Artist with a unique style, flow, and presence on a track. Hailing from the United States Virgin Islands, Waynes cultural heritage allows him to give an authentic perception of where hes coming from. With one of his Debut songs Play This he shows just how much his talent varies. The non-explicit song shows how one can ride a beat, stay relevant, and appease everyone, all with out profanity. He later went on to drop a Collaboration Tape with his very close friend Rassclaat Root called The Bluez Brotherz. Now this project here is special The two dive into real life problems, while favoring the Famous movie , The Blues Brothers featuring clips from the actual movie. Wonderful and well put-together they say. Waynehead Winnin does not mind featuring with other artists as well, as he brings his style and uniqueness to a song that always compliments. As you search his catalog you will see exactly what I mean. Enjoy.

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