Turkasso Fridae

Tarik Horne, a visionary artist, envisions his creations resonating across the globe. His story began in Atlanta, GA, where he was born on February 26, 1993. The seeds of his artistic passion were sown in his early years, evident in his youthful sketches of "Dragon Ball Z" characters. Post-high school, Tarik pursued his artistic evolution at the Art Institute of Atlanta, honing his craft to a fine edge. In addition to his multifaceted talents in music, rapping, dancing, and writing, Tarik's path took an unexpected twist through a series of challenging events. Amidst these trials, he unearthed his true calling in painting, illuminating a path forward. As he strode toward his ambitions, destiny dealt a harsh blow. A collision with a drunk driver left him grappling with a traumatic brain injury, casting shadows over his artistic future. Yet, Tarik's resilience and a divine intervention paved the way for a remarkable revival, reigniting his artistic journey. Through months of endurance, Tarik emerged victorious, having transcended his tribulations. His artistic voyage resumed its course, punctuated by his signature WPAP artistry. Marked by its sharp contours and vivid palettes, this distinct style cements Tarik's status as a tenacious artist, ever-rising from adversity.

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