Eskay Home


Surrounded by poverty, death and crime, the idea of becoming a successful rapper was the furthest thing from Eskay Homes mind. Growing up on the East Side of Buffalo, N.Y. - one of the poorest cities in the country - there wasnt much of a local Hip-Hop scene. Eskay relied on the radio for East Coast Hip-Hop, his mom for soulful music from the 70s and 80s, and his older brothers and sister for whats hot. Living in Atlanta for a few years, the innovative sounds created over there grew on him. Inspired by his older sister, Keisha Plum - also a poet - giving birth to and naming her daughter after him, Eskay started considering a career in music. Rhyming for an audience of friends through shared experiences in Buffalo - memories of catching a jitney or going to Avenues Pizzeria on Bailey - Eskays music is autobiographical in nature, but also a reflection of the Black experience - our history, lifestyle and language. Eskay home! Thats what friends in Buffalo would say whenever he came back to visit from Atlanta. Eskay Home became symbolic of friendship and evolved into his stage name. During studio sessions, he envisions Jay-Z listening to his music on the way to a meeting, or motivating Lebron James during warm-ups. Theres no question Eskay wants to inspire the lives that change the world. I want to use my music as a platform to save lives. Itll be dope to sell millions and have large tours and win a Grammy or two, but more important than any of those things is helping people get into positions to change their lives. I cant do it all by myself - no. But maybe. Who knows?"

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