A look at iambic pentameter, so often written wrong by amateurs.

A look at iambic pentameter, so often written wrong by amateurs.

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The nerd in me cannot resist this one.

Its only for the sake of written fun.

A look at iambic pentameter,

so often written wrong by amateurs.

Originally published in my Medium account but this lesson although minor in importance in many ways, for a budding musician or lyricist iambic pentameter is an absolute must-know.

It takes a discerning eye to see it unless it is neatly applied in a poem. This might be because iambic pentameter appeals to the audio sensory. Using the way words sound when spoken out-loud and the rhythm of the syllables, Iambic Pentameter, when written well, has a beat to it. Iambic pentameter can be challenging to write in and even more difficult to recognize unless it is presented very obviously in stanzas. The rhythmic use of words is common in songs from Rap to Country.

Iambic Pentameter poems and stories will often have rhyming words at the end of sentences but not always. The thing that is most important in this type of writing is the heart-beat rhythm effect. The syllables are divided into five pairs. It really does mimic the sound of a heart-beat.

11__22 __33__44__ 55

11__22 __33__44__ 55


I see a shiny golden star above.

It fills my heart with everlasting love.

So it breaks down to five pairs of syllables like this:

I see | a shi|ny gold|en star|above

It fills |my heart|with ev|er la|sting love

With Iambic Pentameter in mind, please enjoy the sing-song tone of this short poem- which you can also listen to if you wish.

Iambic Friendameter

You look like such a wonder, now I see.

The one thing that I needed wasnt free.

Of course, that is the way the story goes,

and after this great chapter comes to close,

another book will surely start anew.

And you will find a new adventure too.

But what of all the glorious things here?

See, I am so attached to you, my dear.

I dont think I could see things as I do

If seeing them meant never seeing you.

You seem to have compelling arguments.

With you its trust, you dont need to convince.

With all the other people I dont fit.

You understand I know, so this is it.

I justify my wishes with a spark.

The green gets toasted from rich lime to dark.

Shakespeare and modern poets of Medium would agree that it is worth trying to write a piece or two in the style and format of Iambic Pentameter.

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