Clan of Xymox 2024 VIP Meet + Greet Package

Jacksonville - Clan of Xymox 2024 VIP Meet + Greet Package

Sale ends June, 23 2024 04:00:00

110 USD

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This product is secured via a non-fungible token (NFT) on the Polygon blockchain.

This is the way to purchase your Clan of Xymox VIP package for Jacksonville, FL @Underbelly on 06/22/24. Please note: you must purchase an advance ticket from the venue, entry into the show is not included with this VIP Add-on package. This Clan of Xymox USA Meet + Greet package includes: - A guided tour through the venue - Special giveaways ( not available somewhere else) - Meet with the band (time to chat, ask questions, have a drink*) - Have your photo taken with the band and maybe more surprises! *Time permitting MEET AND GREET INFORMA...

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